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The Lovely Bones.

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

This is my favorite book hand down. Every time someone says they need a new book to read, I insist they read this one. It's such a lovely book and makes you think of heaven in a different way.


In the 70s, 14yr old Susie Salmon is murdered by a neighbor on her way home from school. At first, her family doesnt want to believe that Susie is dead. They hold out hope for a very long time that she'll be found alive, but the evidence continues to mount that leads the family to accept that Susie isnt coming home.


This book made me cry..a couple times. 


It's told from Susie's point of view and while she's in what most ppl would probaby say is limbo altho I think it's more like Susie's on special heaven. It's not what we'd think of as how the after-life should be -- Susie has fun in her heaven and gets to c ppl and do things she loves and also she can watch her famiy and believe or not, her killer, too. It's an interesting read.