Lift Your Head, Princess. If Not, the Crown Falls.

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The Fault in Our Stars.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I never let myself fall in love with male characters in literature. I actually went into TFiOS thinking I'd fall in love with Hazel..and Hazel was alright, dont get me wrong, but I ended up falling in love with Augustus (pretty much as Hazel was falling in love with him or as he was falling in love with her, Idk).


Hazel and Augustus meet at a cancer support group. Hazel is being made to go there by her parents and while Augustus is remission from his own cancer, he's really only there for his friend Isaac who is having a lot of trouble with his cancer. Augustus goes out of his way to meet Hazel and he makes sure they become friends but Hazel just doesnt want to be a burden on him.


It honestly seems like thru out the book that Hazel is going to die, like you keep preparing yourself for her to die but then, out of no where, Augustus ends up dying. But not b4 he takes Hazel to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favorite book and makes her fall in love with him. It's a funny story and a very sad story and it's definitley worth a read. People say this book is too over-hyped (and might be, Idk) but imo, that doesnt matter bc at the heart of this book is a lovely story and I believe most anybody who reads it will come to adore Augustus Waters just as I did.


My favorie quote from this book is from Augustus and is towards the end of the book: "MY THOUGHTS ARE LIKE STARS I CANT FATHOM INTO CONSTELLATIONS"..It literally speaks volumes to me bc that is how I have felt while dealing with my anxiety and depression for all of these yrs..I have thoughts that I want to get out, but they're just too jumbled up in my brain to form them properly.