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Dark Places.

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

You would think my 1st Gilian Flynn novel would be Gone Girl..But no, I decided to read Dark Places 1st. Dark Places is one of those books that keeps you guessing about what happened to the characters til the very end. Like, seriously, some of the stuff that actually happened to the Day family on that fateful night, I didnt see coming at all.


It skips around from present day (under Libby's point of view) to that day 20ish years ago (under her brother's point of view). There is a lot going on but it's not hard to follow the story by any means. I really like the way Gillian Flynn writes. And the characters are very well developed. I especially liked Libby and I kept invisioning Christina Ricci in her character if a movie was ever made, sadly, Charlize Theron will be playing Libby in the movie..siigh..but that is neither here or now there since this is a book review :) 


I reccomend reading Dark Places, even if you've read other Gillian Flynn books and not enjoyed them bc this is one of those books that you just can't put down and you keep rooting for Libby and you're not sure what actually happened the nite her entire family was murdered, yet when you find out, you're just sitting there thinkin about how horrible it all was and how a 7yr old Libby (at the time) had to suffer thru life and dealing with all of this death and betrayal (from her brother) that it was none of it fair.